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Tactical Vector on the right, FAMAS on the left. Why FAMAS has bigger mag and better accuracy at the same time, while Vector doesn’t necessarily have bigger damage? It does have more fire rate than FAMAS, but still, short range of Vector in current PVP state, disqualify it. Not entirely of course, you can still stomp lower skill level players, but once you face someone with higher skill, you will be ‘outranged’, because current TTK is too short to be able to flank or take more than few bullets, so if someone has a line of sight on you and shot first, you are probably dead.

How to fix this?

Subjectively, weapon handling should be reversed, FAMAS with 50 bullets in total should have worse accuracy and stability compared to 39 bullets Vector.

It would not only bring much more balance to the table, as weapon damage is untouched, but would also give players more freedom. Do they want more bullets, but with less accuracy and stability or shot more accurately and stable, but with less bullets available. You know, spray&pray or a laser, your call.

Lets turn “accuracy” and “stability” into a 100% scale and attach it to a mag size. Then set all weapons to 100% accuracy and 100% stability. Each bullet in a mag, cost 2% accuracy or 2% stability, so a 50 bullets mag will have ex. 50% stability/50% accuracy or 30% accuracy/70% stability etc. This way, FAMAS would end up 50% acc/50% stab, while vector would be 72% acc/50% stab, being more accurate, same stability at the cost of smaller mag.

As you know, we have 3 Vector’s, Tactical Vector SBR 9mm with a mag of 19 bullets, Vector SBR 9mm with 32 bullets and Vector SBR 0.45 ACP with 25 bullets. Last one also have a long rail, so it can work with Technician Laser pointer or 10% Critical Hit Damage underbarrel form Firestarter. And stats for example with increased mag size mods:

  • Tactical Vector SBR 9mm – 72% Accuracy / 50% Stability.
  • Vector SBR 9mm – 46% Accuracy / 50% Stability
  • Vector SBR 0.45 ACP – 80% Accuracy / 20% Stability
  • FAMAS 2010 – 40% Accuracy / 60% Stability

Without mag size mods:

  • Tactical Vector SBR 9mm – 92% Accuracy / 70% Stability
  • Vector SBR 9mm – 66% Accuracy / 70% Stability
  • Vector SBR 0.45 ACP – 100% Accuracy / 60% Stability
  • FAMAS 2010 – 60% Accuracy / 80% Stability

Or something extremely easy, applied to every weapon with mag size discrepancy between models:

  • Tactical Vector SBR 9mm – Accuracy set to 95%
  • Vector SBR 0.45 ACP – Accuracy set to 65%
  • Vector SBR 9mm – Accuracy set to 35%

It would be less invasive and disbalancing approach, than just raw damage, as you would get that damage anyway when more shots hit the target.

But for this to work, accuracy and stability has to meaningful and worth going for.

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