The Division 2 PVP State of the game

This video just sum up everything whats wrong with PTS TU10 PVP at the moment.

Phase 3 PTS Patch Notes are extremely depressing when it comes to PVP. Whoever is behind these changes should be fired immediately for doing such a disservice for this game.

Buffing pistol damage by up to 70%, making them 1 shot in PVP with a huge defense in a form of a bulwark shield and then ‘nerfing’ them by 10%, which doesn’t change the fact, that it still 1 shot in PVP is a clear indication, that these guys have no clue of what they are doing.

And leaving everything else untouched, while PTS forums are full of feedback is pure ignorance. We wasted pretty much all phases and nothing is getting done. TTK is still below 0,5s and new meta will be just pistol+shield.

In short, massive is either dumb as fk or ignorant as fk.

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