The Division: Heartland – Survival style Battle Royal?

Ubisoft announced new stand alone game placed in The Division universe, called Heartland. It’s supposed to go live later this year.

Let me be crystal clear, this game is mishandled from the earliest stages of The Division 1. Starting with lack of ANY anticheat from ground start of the game. Like, who was so brilliant, to not include an anticheat? In a TPS shooter or actually ANY FPS, looking at you Warzone.

Game, item balance is also on another level, as you can imagine, there is huge disbalance. Starting in first game, where they were nailing it and all of sudden introduced classified sets which blows everything else out the water due to increased base stats, so it was ‘the go to’ items, all gold items were instantly trashed, while it could be easily fixed by introducing classified gold items, no brainer here.

The Division 2 itemization 2.0, the biggest up to date insult to actual players, because reddit was and still is a bunch of crybabies. Thanks to these peoples, second installment of The Division is in such a shitty state, why did that happen? I wrote a bit about that long time ago – What went wrong?

Anyway, PVP is pretty much dead and on top of that, let me tell you about Warzone, because thats where we went after Massive decided to shit on the game. Warzone playerbase was crying for TTK, which was 400 ms, which was way too low for FPS-BR type of the game.

Guess what, The Division 2 had TTK even lower! You were instamelted without any, ANY chance to react, add these awful servers to the mix with terrible tick rate (getting hit behind the cover anyone?) and PVP with TTK around 300 ms was the dumbest thing they have ever done.
Why is everyone using this f’kn shield in PVP? Because they beg for longer fights, where you have time to outplay your opponents!

And here we are, The Division: Heartland, what it’s gonna be? Well, I’m not particularly excited, because the history show that Ubisoft/Massive is not capable of delivering something, that’s actually well-thought, balanced and really fun to play.

Yes, I’m sure the game will look extraordinary, but balance will go down the toilet really fast and in the end, it will be trash. Unless it’s pure PVE, then it will die even faster, because someone is so socially backward, he can’t join discord to find a group for a raid, he need a button for matchmaking, yea, git gud looser.

PVE games are boring and people just want to do stuff with lowest amount of effort put into it. When they are challenged in PVP, they just cry on reddit and run away from any PVP in-game. It’s not the game problem, it’s their personal problem, lacking the will to fight, I cant comprehend that.
Bunch of bloodsucking pussies, they probably work 8 hrs a day shitty job, hate the job, hate their life, but hey, they have a safe space on reddit, where they can circlejerk together with bunch of other loosers, yikes!

I doubt it’s gonna be pure PVE & Free-to-Play on top of that tho, that type of a game is just boring, nobody is interested in that, beside reddit of course. I guess they want their slice of BR cake, when Warzone is doing so great. They have a good foundation for unique BR, Survival concept from TD1 was really outstanding, but knowing Massive/Ubisoft, they will fk this up. Be it 20 tick rate servers, imbalance or no anti-cheat, ez gg.

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