What went wrong with The Division 2?

Why, what, where and who.

How does the development cycle works? Developers release the game, players play it, if the game is something they don’t like, they voice their opinion. Developers then shape the game all over again. It’s natural way of how it’s done. Well, most of the time.

Reddit is one these places where devs can get the feedback. Reddit _was_ the place where you could get a good quality discussion about stuff, since it grew exponentially, attracting many low IQ life forms, the quality of feedback also get trashed.
The worst part is, it’s one-sided discussion, if you try to challenge ‘popular’ opinion on reddit, you are getting burried with downvotes, even if you have very valid and interesting points.
PvP disussion are non-existent or instantly burried, because reddit is PvE den and you are not allowed to talk about PvP. Going further, PvE crowd want to adjust entire game for them and only them.

Reddit is no longer a good source for players feedback, it’s contaminated with people, that most of the time don’t know what they are talking about.

how to fix a game by reddit

I will go through the post and counter it.

First of all, it’s open season for bashing the game. Especially the glitchers outcry, on the contrary, they want to teach others about moral spine, oh my. You glitched, you couldn’t resist it and you got caught, now you getting punished, deal with it. Complete moral decay.

1. the source of all evil The Division 2 Dark Zone PVP Community

So, in other words, the game is way too hard at the moment? People can’t farm anything and loot suck, I guess? How does this happen tho, that some people are able to farm heroic no problem and others don’t? Could it be a matter of skill and overall knowledge of the game?

Why League of Legends have implemented ranks? To segregate and separate players based on their individual skill level. Does bronze/silver/gold players cry on reddit, because the game is hard? Or it’s hard because they are at the peak of their skill? Or maybe they are ‘hard stuck’, which is 1/10 excuse.

The same thing happens in The Division, but it’s invisible and not formally implemented. It would be exactly the same if we segregate and separate players based on their PvE skill. It goes back to farming efficiency, decision making, loot evaluation. You have to stop and think about it, is the game bad or is the player bad?  Why some people are able to farm heroic without a sweat? Yet, reddit is flooded with tears.

1. the source of all evil THE FIX The Division 2 Dark Zone PVP Community

And what kind of fix is that? Like what exactly does the author mean by this? Gather your team and discuss about this. Yea, that’s a good fix, thank you for your input. Just lol.

Build Diversity Fixes

build diversity RED The Division 2 Dark Zone PVP Community

So instead of fixing enemy HP, we should buff red, making remnants of PvP even worse.

build diversity BLUE The Division 2 Dark Zone PVP Community

Yet again, fix enemy damage, instead of completely destroying PvP.

build diversity yellow The Division 2 Dark Zone PVP Community

This one is beyond my mind, it’s actually quite hilarious.
So, remove the tier system and then what? Useless skills will stay useless anyway, so what’s the point? No, actually it won’t work, because how could it work? How would you enhance your skills without the skill tiers in place?

Unless author wants skills to be super powerful on its own. For example – full red build with seekers that hit for 20 millions damage and have 10s CD. Getting two birds with 1 stone. Umm, yea, no.
It’s complete disaster, the amount of imbalance proposed here is stunning.

The only reasonable fix is the loot quality fix, but it’s a dead horse at this point, repeated over and over.

What’s worse, reddit is applauding and upvoting this. And these kind of topics pops every hour, it’s frightening.

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