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By Prosecutorial - https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2233862-Dear-Massive

You have made a complete joke out of this game. Here’s what you need to do to fix this game. Get rid of the fire holster, then fire the developer that brain stormed that idea. Next, fire the developer that thought it would be a good idea to put someone on fire for breaking someone’s armor therefore rendering shotgun and smg’s useless. Next, fire the developer that invented that unlimited ammo fire starter that has the same damage as a grenade launcher that can kill entire teams with one chem. Next, fire the guy that invented the diamondback that can one tap a 1.7 mil armor build by popping shotting in cover where the reticle locks onto their heads instantly. Next, fire the developer that thought it would be a good idea to have a tier 0 stinger hive melt armor off a 1.8 mil armor build. Next, fire your selves after a month worth of feedback for your pts phases and you ignore our ideas and listen to YouTube’rs aka PVE’ers giving their feedback on PVP like GameDaddy and others like him. This game has been a complete joke from where Division 1 was.


By DOLOR... https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2233738-PTS-Phase-3-Pistols-Shields-Shotguns-Melee-DMG

By DOLOR... https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2233865-Burn-on-armor-break-discussion The famous passive from Firewall spec, the most annoying thing in the game. I wont make a thread about this, i want people to comment WHY is the most anoyying and non-enjoyable thing inside the PvP world And why this should be removed. Valid arguments so DEVs can actually think and do something about it. PhantomTechRev said: ''The game should not reward you for losing the gunfight. You out aim and beat your opponent? Boom you're on fire. It's just backwards logic''. Prosecutorial said: ''I shouldn’t be punished for breaking someone’s armor. The fire on break of armor is in smg and shotgun territory. Why are they punishing players with skill?''

Hello there my name is DOLOR and this is my last try contributing feedback to the PTS, since i feel like all of us are getting ignored, also keep in mind that english is not my main language.

To start i have to say that this thread ONLY and ONLY applies for PvP (saying that we can get rid of PvE white knights)

Pistols/Shields: in the current live server pistols are out of control, some proof here: https://clips.twitch.tv/GlutenFreeSmallLEDTheTarFu

They nerfed the pistols for 10% of the base dmg, same thing they did with the M1A at the firsts nerfs, that didn't do ANYTHING.

The main problem of pistols is that the DMG is really high but what makes it REALLY over powered is using them behind a shield, this makes the player really lethal.
A player with all blues should NOT be able to 3 tap you, they should have troubles killing you specially behind a shield, and this is what DEVs are ignoring
The only counter plays to the shield, other than skill power, is Jammer Pulse which disables it for 5 seconds( wich most of the time fails for some reason) and in those 5 seconds it will regenerate health.

Another problem is that bulwark shield can be used with Vigilance talent wich gives you 25% of TOTAL weapon dmg even if you shoot the shield the user still keeps the buff dealing tons of dmg.

Possible fixes:

- Reduce the amount of hp the shields have and its regen in the same way weapon dmg got a PvP nerf = 20%.
- Reduce the amount of damage a player can do under the Bulwark shield protection by 20-35% so the pistol doesn't hit as hard.
- Make Jammer Pulse always break shield for at least 0.5-1 sec, even on 100% haz prot.

Vanguard Talent:

Vanguard talent is also Overtuned specially with the current TTK

For those who dont know Vanguard talent:
Deploying a shield makes it invulnerable for 5s and grants 45% of your armor as bonus armor to all other allies for 20s.
Cooldown: 25s
Perfect Vanguard: 50% bonus armor to allies

Possible fix:

-Reduce the amout time of immunity given by the talent to 3 seconds and Increase the cooldown to 35 secs


The best weapon since you can spec into full blues having 1.9 mil armor and still 2-3 tap people.
First of all, i know that shotguns should be lethal at close range, thats how it's suppose to be, however the only way to get to this should be ONLY by having reds in your build
They nerfed shotguns by 15% and I say again; this is nothing.

Possible fix:

Nerf Shotguns by another 15-25%.

Melee DMG:

Okay, i get it, Lady death grip looks cool and u wanted to make it realistic i like it.
But you forgot that Claws Out named holster gives you another 500% melee dmg, making it a 1000% melee dmg combined you hit up to 1million in PvP

Now imagine this with a full blue build and still hitting for that much.

Possible fix:

-A PvP modifier

Fire starter Chem launcher

You did nerf it by 20% i know, that's a good sign u did notice that it's overtuned.

But 20% is not enough, you can still 1 hit players with the Artificer hive buff, hitting up to 1,5million and dont forget about the fire ticks wich are 60k average.

Now, lets take a look of what Artificer hive does:
The Artificer Hive shoots out fast-acting micro-drones to deployed skills (including other Hives), repairing them, temporarily boosting their performance/damage, and extending their duration.
Clearly the articifier hive dmg does not have a PvP modifier and thats the main problem.

Possible fix:
-Nerf Firestarter by another 10-25% and remove/modify Artificier Hive damage (and ONLY dmg) buff

Negotiators Dilema

You did a great job, thanks FINALLY after months of frustration.
But you havent finish yet, back pack talent is still giving 100% dmg transmited in PvP and that's not good since you still have 15m wich is a high range
that doesnt change anything at all.

Possible and definitive fix:

-Nerf 100% dmg transmited to 40-50%.

Stinger Hive

I love skill builds dont get confused, but doing 400k with a hive each hit is not the way to go.

You said that u want people to get out of the stinger range ok cool, but that takes time and stinger hive hits too fast and with the bleed status you cant run, so atleast you would be getting hit 2 to 3 times before you leave the hive range wich is half or more of your health.

Possible fixes:

-Reduce the speed of the stingers.
-Reduce the Damage by another 15-20%

By floatedcactus https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2234021-Pvp-issues

First: the solutions to builds and sets are a programming issue therefore I don’t know how fast they can be resolved.

Developers need to be clear on what their pvp goal is. How long should it take to kill a player? Look at division 1 for a reference and match it up with the div 2 mechanics. There is no real healing in division 2 pvp without a dedicated healer, so maybe the pvp modifier needs to be drastically different along with the healing. Maybe the medkit in pvp needs to be standard,

If we look at TTK and how builds are setup I think it comes down to high armor builds are able to sustain/outlive damage builds long enough to kill them. Especially with a pestilence. Does base armor on gear need a buff? An all red build should be able to kill a blue build, and a blue build should not be able to run in circles healing up or regening and take down a red build in 1-1.5 clips.

Now red builds are so fragile the prestilence can tick them down with ease, same for skill builds.

Negotiators - if it stays at 15 meters there needs to be a delay in when the other target takes damage. If two players are marked one or both has to move away from one another not to take damage, which can limit the success of a team. Either shorten the mark time drastically in pvp, or create a delay before the damage transfers. Or lower the damage.

However negotiators is the only set that allows for you to 1v4 or 1v3.

Foundry - An armor regen set with 3 foundry, 2 golan, and emperors guard knee pads is gonna be 5% regen, which is insane.

Versatile - 15 meter range for smg and shotgun with 25% amplified is so easy to get vs intimidate which requires bonus armor that can be chipped a away.

by Zurgence https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2233756-The-PVP-community-has-spoken-and-here-is-every-suggestion-they-ve-made-based-on-PTS-3


Foundry Bulwark - Set should not heal players when their shield is shot. The 4 piece bonus is only applied when they have thier shield out and their character is shot. This means that if they have their shield on cooldown, they must wait in order for the 4 piece bonus to activate once again.

Rework: Player is shot and a mark is shown in the HUD, when the mark is full, the player can activate their bulwark shield to heal from the mark. Example, I am being shot by three players, I can clearly see I am at maximum marks in my HUD, so I put out my shield and my 4 piece bonus begins to heal me overtime. Once my mark is back to 0, I can take my shield off and regain those marks. I can also take my shield off mid fight, pausing and regaining my marks when taking damage.

True Patriot - White mark healing should be reverted under the condition that you cannot heal or apply marks with the pestilence plague. This should give TP players a chance to have some healing with the set, keeping up with the current META and not being overpowered.

Striker - Striker should give 2 stacks per shot and no stacks lost when using the backpack. Striker, even when at max stacks is deemed weak against a high-end build. This should make it a little more enjoyable for those who want to play striker and not other sets. The maximum stacks however should be changed from 100 to 80.


Bleed Hive The bleedhive drone speed is too fast. As the hive now gives players double the damage based on each skill tier, the drone speed should be reduced by 30%. This will give lower armour players a chance to get out of the hive but still take high damage from the bleed.

Firestarter The firestarter is known as the most toxic weapon in PVP.. But let's put that all aside and work on making it balanced!

Option 1: The firestarter only applies fire to the targetted area (like the molotov). Rather than giving it both initial "explosive or skill damage" it should only apply fire. As the ammo capacity is rather high, this will make it a lot more balanced and can be used to control fights rather than end them in one shot.

Option 2: The firestarter "initial explosive damage" is reduced by 50% and burn duration reduced by 30%.

Option 3 Exotic damage resilience replaces both explosive resistance and hazard protection. This also applies to "skill damage". What this would mean is than the current "hazard protection" on your gear will be EDR instead (something done really well on Division 1). Protecting you from explosives and reducing the duration of status effects. This would mean that players can actually excuse the use of only damage attributes and in stead focus on making their gear a little bit tanky. This of-course will affect your damage output but will allow you to protect yourself from skill spam. This is the recommended option.


Hives should not be destroyed by the EMP. They should be temporarily disabled based on the skill tier of the user with the EMP.


Liberty Pistol: The liberty pistol is currently too strong. Reports of 1.4 million headshot damage are frightening. The pistol gives too many bonuses with far too much of a headshot multiplier. The headshot multiplier needs to be reduced drastically and the base damage further by 20%. The talents also need to be looked at i.e. healing your shield should be removed.

Originally Posted by Ubi-Johan Go to original post
Gameplay Changes



Gear Sets
Foundry Bulwark

  • Makeshift Repairs repair-over-time effect reduced by -50% in PvP


  • Shotgun PvP damage reduced by -12.5%
  • Pistol PvP damage reduced by -10%
  • Merciless/Ruthless: Binary Trigger amplified weapon damage and explosion damage reduced by -50% in PvP


  • Firestarter Chem Launcher PvP damage reduced by -20%
  • Stinger Hive PvP damage increased by 20%, scaling up to 65% at skill tier 6 (-55%/-10% from PTS2)
  • Striker Drone PvP damage increased by 30% (20% increase from PTS2)
  • Assault Turret PvP damage increased by 55% (25% increase from PTS2)

Developer comment: We want dedicated skill builds to have multiple, powerful defensive tools for area denial/control. In an attempt to replace the loss in bleed damage on the stinger hive during the first wave of the PTS, we overcompensated with a buff to the hive's base drone damage that made it too powerful in the hands of non-skill builds. In order to address that, we lowered both the base damage and PvP modified damage of the stinger hive's drones but doubled the amount of damage gained from skill tiers. The end result is a -55% reduction in stinger hive damage compared to the PTS phase-2 values at skill tier 0, and -10% at skill tier 6. Compared to TU9 (live) values, it remains a 20%-65% increase in stinger hive damage in PvP.

This is total BS
- dilema still hits with 100% damage ?
- Shield + Liberty still 1 taps ?
- Striker is still a joke ?
- Firestarter - 20% damage nerf ? this is just pathetic.
- no TTK increase ?

PVP played a big role in the succes of Div1. Instead of bringing it back, you have ruined it.
Some of your ideas, have no logic or reason behind them, no justification whatsoever.
This franchise turned form being competitive shooter to "1 button press killing fest"
Matter of time when i see monkeys playing pvp

By R1_Stealth - https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2233674-Hey-Ubi

Does our feedback matter? Can you talk to us? Or you just completely dropped the balls on PVP?
3 phases and PVP is in a worse state, than it is on live servers, you were supposed to fix the TTK, but it actually got worse.
And dont blame it on a lack of feedback, because there is plenty.

As i keep repeating myself, everything need a drastic nerfs, 40-50% minimum. Its not a rocket science, its just a basic math, Ive taken stats from a live server, put it into my calc https://divisiondz.com/division-dps-calculator/ which is able to run countless simulations and TTK from the calc match TTK on live servers. From here, all you have to do is push numbers from here https://divisiondz.com/articles/the-...-2-pvp-reboot/ to live servers. its that simple. Its not some sort of wizardry, its just math. If you are not so good at it, its ok. I made all the tools, available for free. Well, the calculator is actually as smart, as its user tho.

Are you concerned about healing or skill damage? just cut the effectiveness in half for PVP.

OR something extremely simple and fast to deploy - bring 50% damage/healing reduction in PVP, this will help A TON. You have last chance to fix PVP right now, make a patch for PTS on monday with inner 50% damage/healing reduction in PVP and i can bet my head, that it will be the best change you can do.

OR just ignore the feedback as usual

by Eyacua - https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2232421-Hazard-Prot-Fire-and-Build-Diversity-in-PvP

At the current state of PvP in this game hazard protection has become a must in every build. Even with the Dynasty Holster small nerf, carrying 75-95% fire resist is practically mandatory, specially since skillpower chem launcher is so strong and any fire status makes you unable to aim/crit/sprint/elbow kill/etc. Fire has become the strongest CC by far in PvP and a huge advantage to deny most gun builds that rely in Crit Dmg or Headshot Dmg to deal burst PvP dps.
And don't forget it is also hitting for A LOT of damage in PvP aswell, so the CC is just a huge bonus to an already strong effect.

Just speccing in "full haz prot" for a PvP player means losing 8-9 atributes rolls:

- 6 attribute loss in the 6 main gear pieces. So 36% CHC / 72% CHD / 60% HS loss. Huge.
- 2-3 brand gear atribute loss. So another 12% CHC / 24% CHD / 20% HS loss. You could use 3 more brand gear bonuses for the extra 10% but is just not worth it.

Counting that you went the Haz Prot path in the SHD clock and have it maxed out you would stand, WITH PERFECT ROLLS, at 90%Hazard Protection, not even inmune to most effects (which rougly is 93-96% if I remember correctly) and probably around 84-86% in reality. Ah, and don't forget you would be stuck with 2 piece Ceska and 1 piece Yhaal brand set gear, which harms build diversity even more.

It doesn't affect explosive damage, it doesn't affect chem launcher main op hit explosion dmg, or mortar 1 shot, but it stops fire!!

Just reaching 50% makes it nearly impossible to play most gear sets at its full in PvP as they come with 1 less attributes and it has to be 10% haz prot. So you are stuck in mostly yellow high-end builds.

Right now playing with a gear set that requires 4 pieces bonuses to work means, first of all, that you are stuck at 70-80% resists as you can't use 3 brand gear sets for 90% top haz prot god roll, second of all that your dmg/skill output is going to be strongly reduced and third of all that you won't be able to compete vs any kind of regular build with double attribute rolls in use in most pieces.

So.... How could we change/improve this? I think it could be tweaked in many ways and probably a mix of them is the right path to take.

The first thing should adress fire CC in PVP. Right now fire needs either way to have its duration decreased in PvP and/or allow for ADS and/or allow for Crit Dmg.
I would suggest letting people Crit or ADS should be the best way as you won't be nerfing the fire effect, so no SkillPower player gets affected.
Just allowing for crit would be a nice change but headshot builds will still be fully denied while if it letted ADS it would allow for it.

The second thing to address would be to increase the value of Hazard Protection rolls you gain from atributes from the actual 10% to 12-15%. I would suggest increasing to 15% so you can actually reach the actual 90% main top value and still be able to top it to 100% with a brand gear. So basically everyone could get the actual 90% value with any kind of brand choice.
At the same time the amount of atributes a player would have to invest would be reduced from 8-9 to 6-7 and Gear Sets would be able to reach high values aswell and cap themselves.


- Even thought the already said would definetly be a huge improvement to the Haz Prot system it could also benefit from something like a duration reduction "on rolling" so everytime you rolled you'd halve the leftover duration of the effect. (or just bring back the rolling-out-of-CC holstered talent).

- It could also be tweaked with a PvP damage modifier that reduced the amount a player suffers from it but that wouldn't fix any of the OP CC it brings to the user.

- At the same time the old The Division 1 "diminishing returns" where if you got repeatedly catch on the same Status Effect then its duration gets halved everytime you recatch it until the third time where you become inmune for 5-10 secs could be a nice thing to have back.

- It could also be changed so it includes explosive resistance in it and SkillPower damage becomes either way explosive damage or one of the status effect dmg (as it should).

- And please don't forget about resistance blue mods. They should give Hazard protection instead of single resistance or at least give 20% of a single resistance at least. That would give the mods a value similar to red mods and blue armour mod slots would also finally have some value, as Incoming Repairs got a nerf and this slots have practically no use anymore.

So, as you can see, there's so many ways to improve and fix this, and definetly a mix of them could work. Just my 2 cents.

PD: some numbers might be wrong as PTS numbers are subject to test-verify so if anyone finds any mistakes let me know and I'll try to fix it.

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In short, we asked and were told that PVP will be fixed in TU10, yet we got nothing. Asked specifically for a longer TTK and weapons received weapon damage buffs and TTK actually is even lower than before, its just unbelievable and amazing. PVP is being completely ignored, this will lead to PVP being Dead-On-Arrival when TU10 drop. Phase 1 was promising, but from there, just downhill failure.

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Some more stupidity from Massive:



First they overbuffed skills, then just a slight nerf and guess what, everyone will just run skill build, drop a hive which will completely destroy you if you dare to run at the hive owner. Yikes

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There is more

The changes that I'm about to comment ONLY apply for PvP

Add a PvP modifier to nerf the damage of all these guns & skills in PvP

-Weapons (nerf minimum of 15% and a max of 30% for all the guns that i will mention that need nerfing)

/Shotguns (Nerf)
Super 90
Marine Super 90
Sweet dreams

/Rifles (Nerf)
Classic M1A

Pistols (Nerf)
Since the PTS went live there are many reports of overpowered pistol shield builds. Builds that are able to basically 2 shot players while having no Red attributes thats why pistols need a PVP modifier also

Assault Rifles (BUFF)
Remove Damage to health and replace this with, Critical hit chance/damage , Damage to Armor / Damage to target out of cover / Critical hit damage
Change the Eagle Bearers 3rd talent (headshot damage attribute) and replace this with damage to armor / out if cover

Fire Chem launcher = 30-/50% explosion damage nerf
Bleed Hive = Remove the hive damage buff of 75%
Mortar turret = Nerf the mortar damage by A additional 20-40%

-Status effects
Status effects are a huge problem in PvP and in PvE. There are MANY solutions to fix this problem so i hope the developers chose at least one !

/Remove 50% Pulse resistance on the specialisation tiers and replace this with 50% Hazard protection or make a new perk in the DZ tiers giving the players hazard Protection in PvP
/Nerf the duration of Bleed-Fire-Blind status effects
/ Increase the hip-fire movement speed so the player is capable of fighting back while being on fire (nerf accuracy if needed)

- Fire starter Specialisation is way to overpowered remove the fire on armor break & nerf the medkit by at least 50%

- Healing skills
In the current meta since TU8 self healing has been deleted in PVP making it no chance to stay alive in the darkzone the player literally has 4 Lives (medkits) and then its game over. Making it a medkit spam meta. Bring back self healing like it was from 1.3 till 1.6 (Tu5 was the best overall pvp patch)
For this my only comment is to buff the Reinforcer Chem Launcher heal by a significant amount this will balance the skill out since the cooldown is 30 seconds or leave the heal as it is and decrease the cooldown of the reinforcement chem launcher

This will make room for more build diversity in the Darkzone and will reward those who specify in these types of builds but not make this overpowerd.
If i missed anything in this post please comment it in the section i would like to see what everyone thinks


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And more

Shotguns- MMRs and pistols. This weapon archetypes are too strong right now, even without investing on the proper weapon archetype dmg. Here is a video using de double barrel and the white death sniper. My build is just anything on, I just switched the chest to put some blue, but I'm missing ton of crit chance and crit dmg. Even then I can almost two tap a 2 mill armor and hit 1,2 mill to the body with the white death. Same happens with pistols, mostly revolvers and d50 (liberty) Even with full blue builds, it needs 3 taps to kill a 1,3 mill armor. I believe the main problem is the way CHC is so easy obtainable in the game in general, and the fact that dedicated weapon dmg is calculated the same as all weapon dmg. I don't think we are going to see changes on the amount of CHC and CHD we are getting, cause it'd cause problems with pve too. So I think these gun archetypes should get a good nerf, Mostly bolt action snipers, including Nemesis. Shotguns in general and low rpm high dmg pistols. As a side note, I do believe there should be a way to build a one shot sniper, but it should be to the head, and putting all into that, including almost capped headshot dmg, using quite some talents too. Pestilence: Same as the merciless I believe it should have a dmg modifier for pvp for the ticks and also a reduction time, that way it could be in line with the new Negotiators dilema, which is the other out of sight cheap dmg. Also, It shouldn't go through the Ballistic shield. Bullwark Balance: We were able to test this set without the bug it has last week, and It's nice to have a tank set. However there are some mechanichs that concerns me. 1- The armor dmg regeneration is doubled when you dmg the shield and the player. I'm not quite sure if this is intentional, but it's actually beneficial to recieve some dmg to the shield and then turn and recieve dmg to you armor. That way your armor and shield will stack the repair and repair faster. Here is an example video. This is very usefull when tank shield players, but it can be very cheesed in many pvp scenarios. With the current recal system, you can use the set to use it as a dps player, no fully optimized dps, but one that can get a lot of sustain. and even use it without any shield. I think the set should state that the amount of armor you get back is a percentage based on the dmg you take but according to your SHIELD HEALTH, not shield skill tier, but HEALTH. Let's say the base dmg regen is lowered to 10% if your shield health is the lowest, and can go up to 60, with the backpack if you have a shield that has +13 mill health. This change would compensate also the regen you can get out of using other shields like the crusader or (if any uses them on pvp) the reflector shield. I don't know if this is technically possible, but I believe this would serve the set purpose much better, and avoid self sustain dps crusader shield uses. As a side note, VIGILANCE, should also work like that 5 seconds of invulneravility is way too much with the current ttk in pvp if you don't spec into shield tiers. You should get 1,5 seconds base, up to 6 is you spec in all your shield tiers. Stinger Hive I think the main issue with this is that's 100% accurate. And once you step even a little into the area and exit, the drones will allways follow and hit, no matter what you do. If the idea is to keep the dmg and use it as area denial, then it should either have a Line of sight rule, and not go through everything, and also add a way to reduce the dmg or make the drones miss when you are out of the area. Posible solutions: Maybe a roll to reduce 50% of dmg. put an extra 1-2 mts out of the hive radius for the stinger drones to hit and beyond that Drones just die or loose dmg. Well that's all for now. I hope this can help, and to end also... Put a pvp modifier to the firestarter chemlauncher explosion already.




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They buffed shotguns to the point:

In the current state shotguns like M870 variant can simply 2 tap an agent with armor exceeding 1.8 million, and ironically other weapons are getting a nerf in PVP in the name of Higher TTK..
For shotguns one does not need to spec into RED attributes and can inflict some serious damage, seems like we are going to back to TU1.6 meta where we have players running 600K armor, 300k 2tap double barrel and 3000k skill power.

Please be reasonable and balance the weapon power in PVP, while giving chance to other weapons to counter 2/3 tap shotgun cheese builds...


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More and more:

Hey, people.
I got two clips for you. The core issue for me is that TTK needs to be higher than in current PTS.
There are some guns archetipes that I believe are too strong yet, some due to that, and some cause some of the sets and guns outliers.

Snipers are strong in pvp, svd with aces and eights, but many snipers, even bolt action can oneshot without even investing fully into sniper or headshot dmg.
I do believe a oneshot build would be good in the game, but it should invest not only all into sniper and headshot but also proc many talents to be able to headshot a 2 mill armor. Maybe just Nemesis should be able to do that. With that particular build.

Now to the videos, Healer hive drone speed varies too much when prox to the hive than far from it. Making the big radius a joke, since the slow drone, makes the heal loose effect. Both burst and sustain heal loose effect. An idea is make the speed of those drones accelerate with range,The longer distance, the fastest, now the difference between one and the other is almost 2 seconds, and that makes the heal almost meaningless in pvp due to TTK.


a Super90 shotgun, 20 mts distance, killing a bullwark (bugged). I'm wearing a full red, with spotter (not active) and vigilance. My friend is wearing both the backpack and the chest for the Bullwark, and has 2mill armor.

Other shotguns don't do the same dmg to the bullwark (bugged) due to the slow rpm or the low base dmg like the ACS.

However we also tried the dmg on a non bullwark, and I believe shotguns are too strong in general, however super 90, 870 and sweetdreams are really strong.
A guy from our clan made a double barrel build with 1,3 armor and unbreakable, full crit, with the coyote mask and could almost two tap a similar armor build.
This is not as broken as the previous shotgun meta, cause he don't got as many armor nor the full Hazard protection, but, it's not a good idea to boost the SG dmg. IMO.



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As broken as the Foundry Bulwark gear set is TTK is still low i have a build (without glass canon ) that head shots the Bulwark all blue in less than 2 seconds and no not with a sniper or rifle i will post a video about it later.
I hope iam right but the time to kill should increase to something like Div1 and with the way the game made it so it is harder to "Chicken Dance" it would be ok,I would love that but that is just me.
I tested the game for a short while last night, Had a blast except the TTK the other changes were looking good but i must admit it was a really short time cause here comes the Foundry Bulwark and it basically destroyed everything.

I really hope the devs take the Feedback and build upon that and I'm not talking about my feedback i have seen a loot of good ideas.


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Aside from what has been already mentioned on other threads like the Firestarter Chemlauncher explosion, efficient with the Firewall or survivalist kit, Bullwark set. I'd like to add some few things we have been testing out with the clan.

New Headhunter talent + Nemesis or other bolt action snipers.
Without a dedicated sniper build, whenever I shoot and kill any npc for about 7 millons on the head, Then I could one tap bodyshot a player with an m44. But even get 2 millon headshot with an svd. Or get a one shot kill to the head with a pistol.
This needs to be addressed, in the dz either by making it imposible to switch weapons and still get the buff or lowering the cap for the extra dmg.

Snipers are already too strong, not only to the head, but also to the body. I could downed a full bullwark chest and backpack 2 millon armor, with my svd with aces and eights.
I believe it's ok to have a oneshot sniper build in the game. But that should be only to the head and putting all into headshot dmg, and maybe just with Nemesis, but not sure.
So I don't think snippers need a buff in pvp, but on the contrary, a slight nerf.

TTK is still a bit too fast. I'll separate this in subjects that affects this ttk

This is a matter of opinion of course. Heals, and I mean even dedicated heals are still too slow or undertuned compared to the dmg outputs of guns and skills. Almost every heal in the game is slow, The new medic gear set seems promising to gain that sustain, however, it only works fine when all the players are in proximity, when they don´t, heals can't compensate the dmgs taken.
As an example of this too. Hive healear drones, are way faster when the player is near the hive, and awfully slow when it's far from it, making the healing, almost meaningless. Allways speaking of a fully dedicated healer hive.
I believe Healing skills on pvp should scale better with skill tiers.

It'd be cool if bonus armor, the blue one, has some sort of damage resillience, that way it can be stronger and make it more appealling for group sinergy. Somehow exotic chest blue armor seems to be stronger than other blue armors.

Weapon and skill dmg:
Maybe pistols are a bit overtuned still, same as snipers. But I believe weapon dmg overall until heals get better are a bit too powerfull still.
For skills, I'll check the next stage, but I feel autotarget skills or cover based ones, shouldn't deal as much dmg, And I'm talking about the mortar turret for ex or the stinger hive.

Pestilence and Negotiators Dilema.
Those two provide cheap dmg even when you are not in line of sight. Which makes no sense in a cover base shooter imo.
Pestilence debuff shouldn't last more than 3 seconds in pvp and shouldnt go through the full body shields.
And Negotiator Dilema same duration, no more than 5 seconds, and should require at 3 crits to mark and maybe a 5mt radius to make 50% of the shot dmg.




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Community asked for longer TTK, we got nothing done, feedback was ignored. TTK is still 0,4s, PVP is still broken, but hey, we got buffed skills, so you just drop a hive+turret and GG, you won.

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This is my another try at fixing the PVP in The Division, we were supposed to get it fixed with this PTS, yet, its still in awful spot.
Ill use Tactical vector for example, as its what i got in pts and live server
Live vs PTS

17,6k dmg13,33k dmg
TTK - 0,48-0,6sTTK - 0,58-0,72s

So, we got 100-120 miliseconds of longer TTK, yikes
If we drop the damage to 10,33k - TTK goes up - 0,85s to 1,02s.
What we have now is even faster than COD actually xD, even on PTS.

Whats the optimal TTK for a looter shooter RPG? Imo 1,2s, because you loose on average 250ms for your reaction time, so you have 1 second to do something compared to ~300 miliseconds on live server. Fun fact - Blink of an eye is 400 miliseconds.

All the simulations above were run with full red build, 100% HS + 170% CD, 60% CC, 6% Armor damage, Wicked 18%, Spotter 15%. NO contractors or fox prayers. Missed shots - 50%, which is equivalent of a low-mid skilled player.

AGAIN. Whats the optimal TTK for a looter shooter RPG?

/EDIT: I forgot about ****ty servers, where you are in cover and still getting damage, its around 200 miliseconds of delay or even more, not sure if it should be counted into the equation, but its still a factor.




Originally Posted by ashered Go to original post
You don't need a calculator, you need a dictionary for the word "pointless"...

I've said like 1000 times, what you are saying is not what's going on on the PTS, and there is a good reason for that. It's like we had a earthquake, you say "according to my simulation it never happened"

Your so called "simulation" is least needed on this forum. Why you think yours got more covered than the Dev's first hand data. Besides, you (lets just say you could not "you are") change some parameters to support a false idea, instead of other way around. This forum is for player exprinces, that their data could not reflect. And the player exprince are posted by many that people "don't die" or "literally unkillable" on PTS.

Yea, actually lets work on some video evidence instead of "what a random guy on the forum said".
Show me the unkillable players video or just explain the TTK from this videom, latest phase 3 -  https://youtu.be/ZBcGARfM_AA?t=6920
WHATS THIS?? -  https://youtu.be/ZBcGARfM_AA?t=7183  INSTAMELTED
WHATS THIS?? -  https://youtu.be/ZBcGARfM_AA?t=7218  THE UNKILLABLE BULWARK, LOL
Unspecced shotguns -  https://youtu.be/ZBcGARfM_AA?t=7788  whos doing these decision should not be allowed behind PVP balancing.
Someone said earlier, that TTK is too long xD -  https://youtu.be/ZBcGARfM_AA?t=7888
Full bulwark + bonus armor -  https://youtu.be/ZBcGARfM_AA?t=8211  YIKES
Hmm, this TTK look too long, hm, hmm -  https://youtu.be/ZBcGARfM_AA?t=8783

/If i would mess with parameters just to prove my points, the damage numbers from calc and in the live game servers would be different, yet, its 99,8% the same, minor rounding differences.

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saving this for later 😉



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