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Copied from official forums just to prove it later on, that everything was ignored, exactly like last time (TU10)



Given that dev play testing is non-existent, obtaining feedback from player-base that regularly partakes in pvp is more relevant than ever. I spend majority of my time in this game playing conflict mode but I do interact regularly with those who visit the DZ as well.
The following suggestions come from my perspective after many discussions I've had with others to help this game's one aspect of end-game that is PvP.

Skill Balance:
-foam chem launcher (nerfed to 2 sec ensnare at base) at lower tiers are still going to be too powerful given the instaneous effect (unlike fire chem) and generous aoe. Other rooting mechanic such as shock has visual tells and trigger time for the player to react to. 2 second root is still enough time to down somebody despite nerf to TTK and foam essentially becomes a "free kill" button. You can argue about stacking hazard protection but that forces a player to run SMG damage to make up for attribute loss to maintain competitive damage. A possible remedy is to further nerf base duration at low tiers so that it remains a strong team fight skill but better manageable in 1v1 situations, reduce time it takes to manually break out of foam by holding interact thus rewarding reactive play, or make it possible to dodgeroll while foamed (suggested from other post)

-we are trying to increase TTK but explosive damage continues to be ridiculous, it should also be nerfed in pvp... https://www.twitch.tv/gamernesto/cli...bimbapBabyRage
Burster firefly AoE 2 million+ dmg and insta killing group of players from cover is not what I view as healthy game play.
Conflict games are riddled with artillery turret 1 - 2 shotting people while they are staggered and unable to even react fast enough given instant arm time and huge aoe range for ease of use. AOE should be reduced in pvp, or give it longer arming time before you can launch.
Explosive sticky can 1 tap anyone running 3 blue or less, effectively becoming an AOE sniper that doesn't even need to be vulnerable by peeking out from cover and can also be used behind bulwark shield.

-sticky bomb variants are arguably better than foam as "free kill button" given stagger + ridiculous duration of secondary effect. Unlike chem launchers, you can double/triple tap to instantly deploy, letting you shoot your gun or take another action very quickly. Stagger animation should be reduced and both burn and emp duration should be nerfed significantly to match emp jammer pulse duration.

-bulwark shield should also receive amped damage to match the half shield nerfs, I dont understand why it wasnt addressed as well espscially given that players can use it while 1-2 tapping players with explosive skills or 3-4 tapping with liberty, regulus, in sync double barrel and d50.

Weapon balance:
-reverting pistol, rifle, and sniper damage nerf is okay but please keep the nerf to liberty, regulus, and d50. These guns were 2-4 tapping players due to their higher multiplicative values and ridiculous base damage. Combined with bulwark shield that somehow avoided the shield nerf, it will be oppressive in pvp.

-do not buff shotguns while all other weapons are globally getting nerfed. Even in the live server, shotguns have the fastest TTK 2-3 body shot especially if used with in sync talent. It also has access to one of the highest multiplicative dmg talent called versatile on backpack. The only counterplay are shields but now that they are getting nerfed, Increasing ttk will be meaningless at close range.

-snipers, especially with focus and nemesis, will be 1 tapping to the body again. To avoid this, decrease base damage but increase headshot modifier globally.
With nerf to all other weapons, snipers now have more forgivable window to 1 tap at close range which is supposed to be their weakness. This becomes even easier when using ironsight mods instead of scope mods. The time it takes for cross hair to close for accuracy should be increased when using ironscope ADS. This should be in line with increasing TTK globally.

-burn damage is fine but denying the ability to ADS and prevent critical damage is too debilitating when compared to other status effects, especially with ease of application methods and duration stack currently. Let players ADS or increase hipfire accuracy but retain prevention of critical damage.

-Even though how 3%armor regen was received from prenerf bulwark set, we are able to stack up to 3% (more with ridgeway exotic) once again with the new brand armor. Provide option to counterplay % armor regeneration by turning it off when taking weapon damage for couple seconds similar to how vigilance works. Give agents inherent 1% armor regeneration at baseline but turned off for couple seconds after taking damage.

- It is too forgivable to aim body and still do competitive damage with crits relative to headshots. Increase max headshot attribute value to 15% from 10%.

Thanks for reading and feel free to chime in for discussiona.


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