There is a tiny bug in the Calc formula, where it is incorrectly calculating “Total weapon damage” and “Amplifies total weapon damage”. Calc is adding all sources of multiplicative damage, while the correct formula is to multiply the damage whenever there is an armor piece with “Amplifies weapon damage” talent.

On the bright side, the difference between calc and 100% correct formula is around 1%, so it’s still 99% accurate.

But I will be only updating numbers on weapons once some patch drops and preparing for The Division 3, which is coming, I hope.

Stay safe.

Builder above is updated regularly. It's missing dps calculations, but i think we can work something out.
NEW DPS Calculator below.

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PVE Calc

Updated for TU 12
Added 'In sync'

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PVP Calc

Updated for TU 12
Added 'In sync'

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