The Division 2 DPS Calculator

Howdy Agents,

This post is supposed to fix all inaccuracies still present in the DPS Calculator for The Division 2. So, how can you help? It’s quite simple, what you need to do is make 3 screenshots.

1.Weapon base damage – its the white value on your weapon.

You can enable it by going into your inventory, pressing “X” or clicking “Options” at the bottom of your screen and enabling “Show Base Damage”, set it to “ON”

2. While you are in your inventory, you have access to character tabs at the top of your screen. Go into “Stats” tab.

From here you can check your weapon damage and most importantly PVP weapon damage. This is pretty crucial for DPS Calculator, as it will allow me to dissect the formula and all the required values for DPS Calculator.

3. Weapon damage bonuses – similar to the one above, but its located on the third side tab, check the image below.

If you would like to help, please leave a comment below and attach screenshots as described above. If you have a weapon, thats missing in the DPS Calculator, please upload screenshots, I will add these weapons to the calculator. Unfortunately, you will have to add them one by one, but it will be tremendous help anyway, thank you!

You don’t have to leave any email or create an account. Just leave a comment.

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