The Division 2: State of the Game #153 – 25 March 2020

The Division 2: State of the Game #153 - 25 March 2020

The Division 2 began its first-ever Global Event this week, and the State of the Game livestream – whose hosts, including Associate Creative Director Yannick Banchereau and Community Developer Chris Gansler, are once again streaming from home – ...

The Division 2 began its first-ever Global Event this week, and the State of the Game livestream – whose hosts, including Associate Creative Director Yannick Banchereau and Community Developer Chris Gansler, are once again streaming from home – offered players a closer look at how Polarity Switch changes up the action.


Priority Alerts
Maintenance – March 24th, 2020
  • Fixed an issue that caused season ranks to reset for some players.

  • This will prevent that the weekly reset does not impact the Season Level when you are online.


Maintenance – March 25th, 2020
  • The Title Update includes the first pass on balance changes to NPC health and armor.

  • Overall NPC damage was reduced as well.

  • Co-op scaling has been adjusted.

  • The first pass of PVP Balance changes has been made, reducing PVP damage overall, and on Rifles and Marksman Rifles specifically. The developers would like players to continue providing feedback about the feel of PVP.

  • Added a way to manually reset the Seasonal Manhunt in the Manhunt UI.

  • Reward Caches from Conflict matches at maximum level are now always High-End.

=> Patch Notes


Known Issues

High DPS Glitch

This has the highest priority to be fixed. They’ve already deployed a couple of hotfixes but they are still working on a solution that fixes all causes of that glitch.

More fixes are already scheduled, but with the current situation, it is a bit slower as they would like it to be.

The priority is to fix the bug first and then they are going to look at the aftermath and what measures they want to take with leaderboards and the like.

The mounted guns also can’t be deactivated, since they are used for some activities like the raid for example.


The developers would like to encourage players encountering bugs or exploits to reach out to Ubisoft and/or Massive by the following means:

  • Reach out to Ubisoft support via

  • Post on the forums that you have found something, without the details.

  • Make an unlisted video send it to the team via Discord or Twitter.

  • While the team can’t reply to all reports when directly messaged, they take all of them seriously and forward them to the developers.


Season Level Reset

Last week on Tuesday the Season Level of the players that were online during the general weekly reset, was also set to 0.

Yesterday’s bugfix had the goal to prevent that from happening again.

They are currently working on ways to restore those lost levels in an automatic way that should not involve support tickets.


West Side League “Reset”

  • The UI for the Westside League incorrectly shows a full reset on the rank.

  • The League rank was not reset, and you can see it in your reward track.

  • When you continue to play the League, you will also continue in your reward track.

  • The developers will improve the UI to make it a more intuitive experience.


=> you can check out the other Known Issues here: Link


The Division 2 – Title Update 8.4

Title Update 8.4 introduced the announced balance changes and some of the scheduled Bug Fixes.

Hard Wired Gear Set Talent is also fixed, which was not in the original Patch Notes.


Difficulty Changes

The goal should be that for group players the NPCs on challenging and above should feel less tanky. Especially for three and four-player groups.

For the solo players it should be the same for hard and challenging, in heroic and legendary, the NPCs got slightly more health than before.

Overall the NPCs also do less damage, so even though the NPCs have slightly more health in some cases, it should be an overall better experience for solo players.


PVP Balance

This was the first pass to address the fast time to kill. But they also see feedbacks about the status effects, so please continue to give feedback so that this can be dialed in.


=> Title Update 8.4 – Balancing Feedback

=> Title Update 8.4 – Bug Report

=> Patch Notes


Title Update Next

The next update should be out early April and it is another game-health patch.

The DPS glitch is not affected by that, once that is ready, it will be pushed out.

Topics for this patch are the Gear Sets that are currently not working and also the Control Point reset topic. Until then you can reset those Control Points that are part of a Manhunt.


Global Event Polarity Switch

Polarity Switch is active since Tuesday and you can start unlocking those rewards. Keep in mind, the daily challenges stay active until the end of the Global Event. So you don’t have to finish all of them on their specific days.

The goal is to really shake up how you select your targets and with the damage buff in place, you can do quite a lot of damage.

You can also play the Global Event on Normal to get the feeling for the mechanics.

The Seasons UI will probably be changed down the road to make it more accessible and give it a better understanding of what is going on.

=> Summary


Urban Jungle Apparel Event (March 31 – April 20)

=> Mask

=> Outfit


There will be one free key for all players if you own Warlords of New York or not.

The Apparel Event is part of the Season and will start on March 31st.


This is how you can earn Apparel Keys:

  • As before for every X level ups on your SHD Level, you will get awarded a key. You will get a notification when the next key will drop.

  • There will be no Apparel Projects this time around.

  • The Apparel Event will go live with a new Target and a double XP event, so you got help grinding out these keys.

  • You have three weeks to get all Keys.

  • The Apparel Event is part of the Season, and is available to Warlords of New York owners, although players can still purchase Apparel keys.


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