The Division 2: State of the Game #154 – 01 April 2020

The Division 2’s State of the Game livestream this week dove straight into efforts to fix a recently discovered DPS glitch, including suspensions for players who exploited it. With Game Designer Bruce Kelly and Community Developer Chris Gansler on board, the stream also took a look at Title Update 8.5, the new Urban Jungle Apparel Event, and balance adjustments the developers are currently working on.


Priority Alerts
Maintenance – March 31st, 2020

=> Link


Account suspensions and rollback for DPS glitch

=> Link


  • In the week of March 17th they were made aware of a DPS exploit that was done by interacting with a turret and there were different variations of that exploit.

  • The first fix went out on March 20th

  • Over that weekend, they learned of more variations of that exploit and deployed further fixes over the course of last week.

  • After the patch from last Friday, they were at the point where they could stop the ridiculous amount of damage stacking (they are aware that there are more variations and they are working on that)

  • Over the weekend, they identified players that have used the exploit.


Player Identification
  • After the players were identified, they got a seven days suspension and the characters will be rolled back to March 17.(link above) Exact rollback details will follow.

  • They will not explain how the players were identified, simply because they don’t want players to avoid this detection method. (in case something else comes up)

  • They looked at specific accounts, they did not look into who players were grouped up with and what exactly they were doing with those other players.

  • They looked at specific accounts, what that specific player was doing and matched that data with their defined criteria.

  • This gave them strong confidence about the suspensions because they could rule out that players were caught up in some random matchmaking groups. (matchmaking has no impact on the suspension)

  • If you feel like the actions were unjust, report that to Ubi-Support, where the case will be looked at.

  • In general, they take action when they can verify what is happening.

  • They don’t just look at player reports, screenshots and clips – once an exploit was identified, they will match the account data with the defined criteria and then take action when they are sure that the exploit was used.

  • The first offense will give a seven-day suspension and the second can be a permanent ban.

  • So far we didn’t have had any false positives that required the removal of the suspension.


Suspension Numbers
  • There is a narrative going around that 50% of the player base was suspended

  • While the suspension wave was significant, it is nowhere near that amount.

  • The majority of players did not use the exploit.


Known Issues

=> you can check out the Known Issues here: Link


Title Update 8.5 Preview

=> Patch Notes Preview

Release Date TU8.5 will be released next week. (exact date will be released later, probably Tuesday)


  • Control Points will reset when changing Global Difficulty, allowing players to replay them.

  • Fixes for the Striker Gear set stacks not working properly.

  • More balance changes for specific NPCs.


Finding edge Cases
  • They are addressing and monitoring the overall balancing of the game and looking into certain outliers.

  • Warhounds, Status Effects and things like Poison, Fire or gas are among them.

  • The goal is to avoid mechanics that instantly kill a player with full health and armor.

  • When instances like that are found, they try to address them.


General NPC Balancing going forward
  • They are pretty happy where things have landed

  • Now they are looking at the mentioned edge cases where they can’t just work with armor, health and damage values.

  • Like True Sons and explosive ammo (they should not tear down 1.6 million armor players in seconds)

  • M1A, Crusader Shield and Focus are not working as intended, you should only get the Focus buff when you are aiming through a scope.

    • The fix to that will be dropped after TU8.5. They are currently working on the exact fix because it is difficult to balance around precision, damage and the usage of a shield.

    • In essence, even though the builds have low armor, they have the safety of a shield and that is not the intended setup of a sniper.

  • They are also aware of the discussion that there seems to be a low build variety.

    • Some of that has to do with some overtuned named items.

    • They are ok with best in slot items, but in some cases the numbers are wrong.

    • Foxes Prayer / Contractors Gloves and the Hollow Man are examples.

    • They will still be powerful but they also work very well with the meta guns, so that will be addressed.

  • Assault Rifles

    • Damage to Health rolls will be buffed.

  • Punch Drunk will do about 20% Headshot Damage

  • Claws Out will get a Skill Tier Core Attribute, Pistol Damage, and about 500% Melee Damage.


Build Diversity
  • At the moment there is the narrative, that there are only MG5 and M1A builds around.

  • But based on their big data, there is a lot more diversity within the builds.

  • Skill builds, for example, are quite popular and useful.

  • Hard Wired, for example, is in the top 5 of Gear Sets and what players use.

  • Unbreakable is still at the top and not everybody runs Vigilance and Glass Cannon.

  • The LMG / M1A combo is very powerful, and they are looking into that, but they also have no issues with best in slot items

  • But they also want to support different playstyles with bringing up the underperformers and address the high fliers.


  • They acknowledge that some exotics are underperforming and with TU8.5 they drop the first balance pass over the Exotics.

  • They could not address all exotics in TU8.5 but more changes will follow.


Raid Gear Sets will join the general loot pool
  • In an update down the road (not TU8.5), the Raid Gear Sets will join the general loot pool completely and you can get the Chest and the Backpack from the Dark Hours Raid sets (Negotiator’s Dilemma, Tip of the Spear, Aces & Eights) in the general loot pool.


Title Update 9

Will follow later in April, exact content will be specified.

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