The Division 2: State of the Game #155 – 15 April 2020

  • “TU9 in April 21”

  • “Patch note will hopefully be available on Monday”

  • “Balance passes for exotics in TU9”

  • “Fix for Nemesis not triggering Focus in TU9”

  • “Fix Focus and Shield in TU9”

  • “Fix for Angel of Mercy contaminated area in TU9”

  • “Fix for Aces & Eight Gearset talent in TU9”

  • “Booster Hive description is wrong, should increase weapon damage and handling”

  • “Underperforming talent will be buffed”

  • “We hear feedback for PVP”

  • “No big PVP changes on TU9”

  • “Intention for exotic”

  • “Exotic is not supposed to be the best”

  • “It’s supposed to be a change in playstyle”

  • “Exotic drop will always have the highest minimum stat”

  • As in, exotic drop in normal difficulty is the same RNG as the one in Legendary

  • So not God Roll, but won’t be Devil Roll

  • “The first part of Exotic reconfiguration is leveling up”

  • “You’ll be able to upgrade exotic to your current level”

  • “The second part of exotic reconfiguration is rerolling”

  • “What it does is reroll all the stats on legendary”

  • “Rerolling will consume 1 exotic component”

  • “The cost of reconfiguring will be the same as the amount you get from dismantling an exotic”

  • “It works for all exotic weapons and gears”

  • “The chance for best roll and worst roll are the same in reconfiguration”

  • “UI improvement for league incoming so it’s clearer”

  • “We are looking at Asian server issue, something odd going on, might be out of our hand”

  • “We’re gonna reduce enemy shotgun damage”

  • “Also reduce Black Tusk range”

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