The Division 2: State of the Game #156 – 22 April 2020

Title Update 9 launched for The Division 2 this week, and the State of the Game livestream – featuring Game Designer Bruce Kelly and Community Developer Chris Gansler – took a look at what’s changed, and what still needs changing (including a planned readjustment for the M1A Classic Rifle). A few highlights:

  • The 40% nerf of the M1A/Baker’s Dozen was more drastic than originally planned, and will be partially reverted (fully for PvE, half for PvP) later this week as developers work on better long-term balancing.
  • A free trial version of The Division 2 is available now, playable for up to eight hours.
  • The third Season 1 Manhunt Target, Saturn, is available now in Warlords of New York.
  • A new League event begins next week as part of Season 1, bringing a new set of challenges.

State of the Game streams on Twitch, Mixer and YouTube. (To find out what was covered in the last episode, make sure to check out the previous State of the Game Recap.



Known Issues:

  • Striker kneepad replaced by a Level 1 item – this was fixed during yesterday’s unscheduled maintenance.
  • UI issue related to damage to health on Assault Rifle (Stadia specific)
  • Kenly College Technology Laboratory being blocked.
  • Coney Island, several progression blockers.
  • Firefly Skill not launching or sticking to the Agent’s hand.
  • Turret Skills not placing properly and immediately going on cooldown.
  • SHD Levels not showing in group UI.
  • Shield Skills and Assault Rifles not working together properly.
  • Not being able to start or finish the Angel of Mercy Contaminated area.

Developer Interview – Balancing Discussions

M1A Classic Rifle Nerf and Rebalancing

  • The 40% nerf in Title Update 9 was not meant to be final, but the shift to working from home disrupted the developers’ ability to more thoroughly rebalance it.
  • The M1A will receive a less drastic power reduction in a future update, as part of a more holistic look at gear and overall balance.
  • As a first step, the M1A/Baker’s Dozen will be reverted to its pre-Title Update 9 stats in PVE this week. In PVP, the M1A will receive a 20% reduction, instead of 40%.
  • The change may cause a UI issue for Stadia users, showing the Title Update 9 values, until a client update can be deployed.
  • The M1A is still considered to be an outlier performing above its intended power level, which will be better addressed in the long term.

Send-Off Talent Removal

  • Holstered talents were removed from all weapons, and this was initially missed for the Send-Off shotgun.
  • It was never intended to keep a holstered talent for a weapon like the Send-Off, which needed to first be crafted before players could find out it had a holstered talent.

A larger balance pass is currently being worked on. The team is targeting an update in June, but with the current circumstances, the exact date is still in flux.

Free Trial of The Division 2 Available Now

  • Playable for eight hours, up to Level 8
  • No Dark Zones or PvP
  • Clan functionality disabled
  • Store functionality disabled
  • Referral system functionality disabled
  • Character progression will carry over to the full game if trial players decide to purchase it.

Backpack Trophy and Apparel Keys

  • Available for free to celebrate Title Update 9’s release
  • Log in between April 21 and May 5 to claim
  • Three Apparel Keys
  • Soda Backpack Trophy

Season 1 – Shadow Tide

New Manhunt Target: Saturn

  • Third Target is now live
  • Targets are available until the end of the Season.
  • Players will need to take down all four Targets to get access to the Prime Target.
  • Double XP Event is also live, giving players the chance to gain double XP for their next 15 levels until April 28.

Urban Jungle Apparel Event closes this week.

  • Players can still purchase and gift keys, as well as spend earned keys.
  • After April 28, the Urban Jungle Apparel Cache will no longer be live, but event items will be available for direct purchase on the in-game store.

Biggest news: M1A nerf is going to be reverted.

  • “We’re going to talk about M1A which is very, very important”

  • Well, at least they’re not deaf/blind

  • “We can start with our side”

  • This feels like a trial XD

  • “We made the mistake of not including M1A nerf in patch note”

  • “The mistake doesn’t matter, it happened, and we’re gonna improve to not make the same mistake again”

  • “It’s not intentional, because like you said, it doesn’t make sense”

  • “Let’s start with how we got here”

  • “In TU6 or TU7, M1A was buffed”

  • “Back there the meta was Eagle Bearer”

  • “M1A is already overtuned there”

  • “Then the pandemic happened”

  • “Things fall through crack”

  • “This is not the result of bad intention, it’s the result of bad process”

  • “Everyone (here) is responsible”

  • “We intent to address M1A and take another look at named items and overall balance”

  • “[But we have to make deadline for TU9]”

  • “We apologize for this”

  • “So, this isn’t good enough, what happens next?”


  • Holy shit, even nerf is not safe from rollback

  • “We’re still working on the timing”

  • “Planned for this week”

  • “M1A still nerfed in PVP by 20%” (instead of 40%)

  • “If every weapon deals 100% damage, M1A is 120% damage”

  • “So it’s not possible to increase every other gun to that level”

  • “We have a plan for gearsets and exotics, we plan to buff them”

  • “For better or for worse, it’s easier to adjust the outlier”

  • “Instead of dealing with the big picture”

  • “Challenge and difficulty is an ongoing debate”

  • “There are many opinions on this”

  • “We’re kidding ourself if the game is only about loot, there’s also shooting (which has skill aspect)”

  • “It’s a balancing act to satisfy everyone”

  • “2nd Raid is still planned for spring”

  • “In June we’re going to look at a larger balance pass and loot”

  • “We’re addressing skill build in the next TU”

  • “New unseen gear incoming that will address that”

  • “We’re aware that DPS skill build isn’t as performing as we’d like”

  • “Exotics should be potentially Best in Slot”

  • “But you have to engage with its talent”

  • “Especially if you make build for it”

  • “Not all exotics is about dealing damage”

  • “We absolutely intent to buff them”

  • “Exotic is absolutely something people should seek after and make builds around it”

  • “Please give us the benefit of the doubt”

  • “True Patriot heal is just overtuned mathematically”

  • “It’s not about PVP balance”

  • “It overperforms dedicated healer build, which is not what we intended”

  • “There are bugs with the TP gearset”

  • “That has been addressed”

  • “It’s never fun to nerf things”

  • LOL

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