The Division 2: State of the Game #158 – 06 May 2020

  • “NPC Balance changes in 9.1 update”

  • “Coming next week”

  • “Also a bunch of bug fixes”

  • “Not global NPC change, but fixing outliers”

  • “Reducing burn and bleed damage”

  • “Will also affects PVP”

  • “NPC Grenade accuracy is decreased the further they are from target”

  • “Elite NPC has higher legendary”

  • “Reduced NPC airbust damage”

  • “Each factions have different optimal outbust grenade range”

  • “NPC blindfire accuracy will be reduced”

  • “The longer NPC blindfire lasts, the more accurate it will be”

  • “We don’t intentionally make NPC more aggresive in WoNY”

  • “TU8 makes the game harder and exposes a lot of underlying problems”

  • “We reduce NPC agressive behavior on hidden characters”

  • “NPC will rush at you after a longer timer of not seeing you”

  • “Fixed a bug with NPC keep circling you if they get too close”

  • “Non-tank NPCs, when affected by status effects will no longer rush at you”

  • “Buffed player’s skill survivability”

  • “Buffed player’s status effect to NPC like bleed”

  • “Reduced cleaner’s flame thrower range”

  • “Reduced RC car damage explosion”

  • “Reduced RC car flame are and flame effect duration”

  • “Reduced Black Tusk explosion damage”

  • “Black Tusk support station will no longer heal mechanical objects like robots and props like doors”

  • “Legendary BT support station will now also check for LoS for healing”

  • “Reduced player’s hitbox when blindfiring”

  • “Adjusted status effect prioritization for NPC”

  • “Previously ensnared enemies when burned will ignore the ensnare”

  • “Lowered likehood for tanks to rush your hive”

  • “These changes will be the main priority for update 9.1”

  • “More bug fix, like some for talents”

  • “Rouge agents isn’t intended to spawn in league”

  • “Currently the fix is in review, should be up for TU10”

  • They actually have review XD

  • “The game should be fun”

  • “Loot is a topic we’ll tackle in TU10”

  • “Where’s Yannick? Apparently he doesn’t have a webcam”

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