The Division 2: State of the Game #160 – 20 May 2020

  • “TU10 PTS on friday”

  • “I hope we have a lot of people logging into PTS and give us feedback”

  • “Preload for PTS will be available tomorrow, roughly 25 hours from now)

  • “With TU10 we want to continue with our work on TU8”

  • “Big bug fixing pass in TU10”

  • “Bringing back the generosity and the fun in the game”

  • “We’re looking at player power, rewards”

  • “General fun pass at the game”

  • “Lots of balancing”

  • “I’m not saying that the game should be easier”

  • “What we want to remove is the frustration, not challenge”

  • “Let’s start off with exotics”

  • “Not gonna talk about their functionality, but about how you get them”

  • “Exotics comes from specific source and general sources”

  • Diagram

  • “WoNY Exotics are now available from general sources, like targeted loots”

  • “Some exceptions: raid exotics and Bighorn”

  • “New raid will have 2 exotics”

  • “Crafting-based exotics, we really want players to complete the quest instead of stumbling upon them”

  • “Season 2 will have 2 exotics, will be available in PTS”

  • “Season exotics need to be earned through season track first before you can get them from other source”

  • “There will be special vendor in PTS that can give you all exotics and gearsets and named items”

  • “If you look at the patch note, you’ll see we generally increase weapon power”

  • “Every single AR and SMG gets a buff”

  • “Every time we have outlier weapon, it’s an indication that other weapon needs changes”

  • “M1A gets slight nerf, not as severe as previous patch”

  • “Legendary mission will be more rewarding”

  • “In PTS phase 1, veterans and elite enemies will have more chance to drop loot”

  • “We’ll address loot rolls and distribution in PTS phase 2”

  • “We moved loot from regular containers in CP supply room to the orange box which scales with difficulty”

  • “The general idea is to increase TTK in PVP”

  • “Season 1 is going to last for 2 additional weeks”

  • “No time to go through all the patch notes now, so just highlights now”

  • Dude…

  • “We did a pass on vendor so they no longer sell purples on level 40”

  • “Added named items to vendor and increased their price so they’re not the same”

  • “Also on DZ vendor”

  • “We added 2 new projects”

  • “We overhauled SHD requisition projects”

  • “Weekly projects give you exotic cache”

  • “Legendary mission weekly project! Will give you exotic cache”

  • “Legendary project will only be unlocked for people who have cleared at least 1 legendary mission”

  • “Level up will reward item cache again after you’re done with season tracks”

  • “Not sure how long PTS will last, but we planned for at least 2 phases”

  • “We want to increase crafted item power, going to be on phase 2”

  • “Crafting currently cannot give more than 1 stat god roll”

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