The Division 2: State of the Game #161 – 27 May 2020

  • “We’re happy to see people playing with the new gears and talents”

  • “PTS Phase 1 is ending soon”

  • “PTS Server will be closed starting on Thursday”

  • “PTS Phase 2 starting on Friday, 24 hours after Phase 1 is closed”

  • “You don’t have to redownload the entire PTS, only need to download the patch (for phase 2)”

  • “Some new gears are overpowered, like Foundry Bulwark”

  • “Foundry Bulwark repairs damage overtime, which can be countered with burst damage”

  • “An issue with damage modifier on PVP made the wearer kinda invulnerable” (in PVP)

  • “The issue has been fixed”

  • “Incoming repair stats effect the gearset healing, this is unintended and has been fixed”

  • “I think we’re currently in a much better place with the nerf on M1A”

  • “MK17 is also overtuned, and has been adjusted to be more in line with M1A”

  • “We want to make SMG and shotgun more rewarding, and that means more damage”

  • “The new gear brand is mathematically sound, even if it doesn’t look so at first glance”

  • “Increasing the bonus to 10% will make it the best brandset in the game”

  • “It’s fine if the buff to various gears makes thing easier”

  • “We want to buff the entire playerbase to make things more fun”

  • “We don’t want to make everything completely trivial either”

  • “It’s hard to have any objective feedback about how the new balance affect PVP”

  • “Because of the Foundry Bulwark issue”

  • “Hoping to get better data on PTS Phase 2”

  • “MMR damage in general is increased by 12.5%”

  • “We think sniper build will be in a better place in TU10”

  • “No plan to increase stash space”

  • “It’s never going to be enough even if we increase it to 400 or 500”

  • “As usual, with PTS we sometimes shipped out stuff that’s not supposed to be out”

  • “It’s disappointing, leak sucks, we should have done better”

  • “Please try to be respectful when talking about spoiler”

  • “Yes, we’re currently working on a new PVE game mode, Skyscraper”

  • “Should scratch the replayable PVE itch people have been asking”

  • “Should have been a suprise”

  • “It’s not Underground 2.0”

  • Well, skyscraper is the opposite of underground XD

  • “We won’t be talking about it for a while, please don’t ask us”

  • “Some exotic number highlight:”

  • “Chameleon damage increase”

  • “Big Horn damage increase and additional functionalities”

  • “Most exotics got base damage buff”

  • “BTSU Glove got buff: skill haste stat increase based on skill tiers number you have”

  • “We reduced Negotiator Dillema effect range in PVP”

  • “Stinger Hive in PVP will have bleed damage reduction, but direct damage buff”

  • “Imperial Dynasty in PVP will now have to maintain line of sight to enemy for 3 secs”

  • “Eagle Bearer damage increase, nothing else”

  • “PTS Phase 1 didn’t have the weapon handling change, should be in phase 2”

  • “We’re very likely to have PTS phase 3”

  • “Because we didn’t get good feedback for PVP in phase 1”

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