The Division 2: State of the Game #164 – 01 July 2020

Yannick is alive 😮
He must be the cause of all those technical issues

  • “Iron Horse raid level 30 will come in a week”

  • “No ETA yet for Iron Horse Discovery mode, but it’s coming.”

  • “TU 10.1 is scheduled for 2nd half of July”

  • “Additional bug fixing and balancing”

  • “TU 11 is in the works”

  • “We were aware of the data mining for the raid, which is some little info about the boss”

  • “We were not aware of another data leak that contains gameplay information”

  • “This doesn’t come from Massive as an entity”

  • “We want to find out what happens and get to the bottom of it”

  • “For TU 10, we were unable to increase mininum gear power in loot for higher difficulties”

  • “For TU 10.1, we should be able to increase mininum gear power in loot for higher difficulties”

  • “Legendary difficulty will have the same min gear power as Heroic”

  • Correct me if I’m wrong on this one

  • “Eagle Bearer will stay exclusive to Operation Dark Hour”

  • “Keys for Dark Hour raid is different than the ones in Iron Horse”

  • “We want to change about loadout change when skill is on cooldown”

  • “We aim to have the cooling down skill stays while the rest of the loadout changes”

  • “We lowered difficulty for leagues, because we don’t want push people too much to difficulties that they don’t want to play in”

  • “We didn’t change or manipulate anything regarding rainbow loots”

  • “Internally we are discussing it and monitoring it”

  • “We’re hoping to have a change for that on TU 11”

  • “Other streamers have trouble livestreaming on Twitch at the moment, so for once it’s not our fault”

  • “Why are we celebrating raid winner when there’s a snitch? Because currently there’s no evidence that the winner has that leaked information. So until its proven they are guilty, we’re going to celebrate the achievement”

  • “No plans for Cross play”

  • “Hoping to show images for apparel gear next week”

  • “Mantix bug should be fixed in 10.1”

  • “Summer break coming after next week”

  • (probably no SOTG)

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