The Division 2: State of the Game #165 – 08 July 2020

  • Tu10.1 scheduled for July 21st

  • State of the game back August 5th

  • TU10.1 focus on pvp balance, skill adjustments and some loot adjustments

  • TU10.1 will finally allow you to swap a loadout whilst skill on cooldown

  • Revive hive will be reduced at Base skill tier 0 to 1 charge and reduce skill cooldown to 180 secs Revive charge now 1 per skill tier

  • Foundry 3pc being nerfed from 3% Armor regen to 1% but 3pc shield health increased by 50%

  • Forge being buffed to 50% shield health

  • Pvp balance assault rifle increase by 9%

  • PvP firestarter reduced by 50%

  • Booster hive PvE and PvP losing its damage buff to it. Now will be Hazard protection and more weapon handling up to 60% on each

  • Drone flight speed for all hives being buffed

  • Striker drone PvP increased by 38%

  • All players will do 4 times more damage to Skills in PvP

  • No changes to Headhunter

  • Min Loot Power increases for TU10.1 and increased chance of God rolls

  • Biggest change will be seen for Heroics and Legendaries

  • Rainbow rolls being addressed for TU11

  • RPG glitch being fixed tomorrow

  • Field proficiency caches and dz caches will now be scaled to heroic Level loot

  • Clan caches being scaled to Legendary loot

  • Cos Challenging level loot is being adjusted that also means DZ loot is being buffed

  • DZ loot will be further improved in the future

  • Rifle ammo will be buffed for TU10.1

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