The Division 2: State of the Game #172

  • “Unscheduled maintenance tomorrow for missing apparel key”
  • “The fix tomorrow will not be retroactively granting the key you missed”
  • “The key you missed will be retroactively given to you the next week”

  • “There’s a planned change to Summit on October 20th”
  • Seems like this is also TU11.1
  • “What will be talked today for The Summit: Diffculty, Directives, Target Loot, other improvement”
  • “TU11.11 will not have the elevator menu anymore”
  • “You can freely set your difficulty and directive for the summit”
  • “All 9 directives is available to be chosen”

  • “Each difficulty increase chance of dropping targeted loot”
  • “Directive will increase targeted loot chance as well”
  • “This targeted loot chance bonus is applied everywhere: mission, world, summit”
  • “Legendary with 9 directives give x9 targeted loot chance bonus”
  • “Directives still increase XP”

  • “Everyone will start on floor 1”
  • “Checkpoint on every 3 floors now”
  • “The summit will still get more challenging the higher you go”
  • “The number of bosses will increase as the floor gets higher”
  • “The frequency of lieutenant floor per 10 levels increase too as it gets higher”

  • “So, what about the loot?”
  • “Targeted loot can be selected in The Su mmit”
  • “You can even select a specific gearset, not just gearset in general”
  • “Targeted loot in the world is also for specific gearset now”
  • “Targeted loot is personal, even if you play in party”
  • “There’s a weekly Summit project”
  • “Complete the Summit and get exotic cache every week”

  • “Ridgeway chest talent is buffed”
  • “Quicker laptop interaction in thhe summit
  • “More objkectives”
  • “Holding SHD crates will deploy better skills, and fasters too”
  • “Ridgeway parts drop based on floor #, and drop chance increased”
  • “Ridgeway quest only require killing 2 hunter/rogues”
  • “Final floor 100 enemy gives better loot”

  • “No State of the Game next week”
  • “Next SotG is on October 21st”
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